Saturday, 21 November 2009

Charnwood Collaboration update

This Monday Ced Wells and Annie Leonard went along to the A.J Wells Studio in Newport to shoot the final ideas for the 2010 collaboration Calender. Annie created a layered forest from 2d cut paper pieces in animal, shrubbery and tree forms creating an environment in which my silver stove stood. The shoot went well with a few minor hiccups involving extra strong masking tape and fanning smoke away from inside the stove (so not to set off the fire alarm!).

The aim of the shoot was to create one landscape image (to initially be the front cover of the calender) and a secondary portrait shot to be the possible December feature. The Charnwood company, and Ced in particular, have been known for their quirky product presentation in the past- and this was no exception! Un-edited shots straight from the shoot are shown above (click on them- better viewed larger) to give you an idea of the outcomes, the finished calender will be out by the end of this year. Well done everyone!

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