Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Weekend

The weather is bloomin' lovely on our fair Isle and throughout the rest of the UK too we hear. Yipee! What wonderful circumstances for the Easter weekend- we hope you're all having a fun (and peaceful!) break in the sunshine.

So, whilst there's been a little bit of pre-summer frolicking over at the boutique I've also been hard at work on some special requests. Take a peek and don't forget to devour that one last Easter egg (it'll melt in all this heat if you don't!).

 Bangles galore- With summer around the corner, or just on our doorstep as it may seem, arms are out and everyone wants a bangle to accessorise those newly bronzed beauties. Small selection of some new pieces. Solid silver.
German fan!
Last week I had an email entitled 'Fan from Germany', the lovely lady had bought a piece from the boutique last year and after seeing so many of the recent bespoke commissions fancied something for herself handmade by me. She was unsure as to what she wanted but knew what pieces she liked that others had ordered previously. Looking at this I made up some options for her to choose from- here's the end result! Another happy customer. Solid silver and fresh water pearl.

Our penultimate precious piece this week, Silver torque.
Lastly, an array of little creations, which are part of Raff and I's first joint project. The Isle of Wight pendants are solid silver with hot enamels in gorgeous turquoise and shades of blue. Available now exclusively from us.

So that's all for now Honeybourne lovers, Ventnor is teeming with visitors, and the shop in turn. The town looks wonderful and we've been super busy. Lots of exciting comissions and lots of even more exciting customers!

Sophie x

For your own bespoke piece or to simply view our latest collections, visit us at the boutique in Church St, Ventnor or for more information click here to view the Honeybourne Jewellery website.

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