Saturday, 23 July 2011

Loved ones weekend exhibition- finally here!

So after weeks and weeks of hard work and a whole lot o' love the long awaited 'Loved ones' joint exhibition with friend and artist Tania Dixcey came to a head and culminated into a full, beautiful collection curated delicately in the 'shed' under the archway.

Last night was a truly delightful evening, the cobblestones littered with tea lights in jam jars led the way to the beginning of the works and we greeted guests with sangria and homemade shortbreads. It was lovely to see our friends, other artists, and neighbours supporting the new exhibition and indulging in the visual delights it had to offer. Bunting and lanterns adorned the entrance to the shed, complimenting the theme of the sentimental setting off the collection with a joyful and homely warmth. As each new face entered the exhibition the eye was at a loss as to where to go first- on the right hand side Tania Dixcey's glorious portraiture, doodles and narratives, and to the left, my silver work installation glittered simultaneously  in all its tiny forms. I presented a series of brooches depicting memories from my childhood- corn fields and fish ponds shown in layers of oxidised silver and gold leaf and amongst the works there was also a 'lost' wedding band in glorious gold placed atop a pile of carrots, inspired by my Granddad's wedding ring and it's loss to his beloved veg patch! Now I don't want to ruin all the fun of discovering all the little gems for yourself so come down to the boutique this weekend and see for yourself what I've been busily working on, right here in the studio. Hope to see you here, but don't worry if you can't make it and you've seen or heard something you can't get off your mind- email us and you can order your own piece of the Loved ones collection.

See below for photos of a selection of the works from the show and images of the private view that opened the exhibition.

 Under the archway

 Goldfish brooch, oxidised silver and gold leaf

 Enamel door plates, 'Flying birds'

 Silver keys, two sizes with or without initials

'Ning nang nong' matchbox in silver.

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Honeybourne News- June and July 2011

Hello lovelies! We're loving the warm summer sun that's been creeping its way through the clouds in Ventnor and have even managed to catch a few rays ourselves. I'm back in the shop today and ready to show you the latest pictures from my workshop- enjoy!

Below you can see an example of a 'silver mock up'. An initial idea I've made up along with another design in silver for my customer to try. I'll eventually make up her prefered ring design in 18ct white gold using precious facet cut stones:

Here is a broken engagement ring given a new lease of life! The customer wanted it to be made in my style whilst keeping aspects of the original design:

This pendant was made for a male hairdresser and is a replica of his own scissors (Oxidised silver):

His 'n' Hers
A lovely couple commissioned these wedding bands, hers- 18ct yellow gold with diamonds set in white gold. His- a hammered 18ct white gold band.

Come and see all my other exciting designs in the Ventnor boutique! 

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For your own bespoke piece or to simply view our latest collections, visit us at the boutique in Church St, Ventnor or for more information click here to view the Honeybourne Jewellery website.