Saturday, 2 July 2011

Honeybourne News- June and July 2011

Hello lovelies! We're loving the warm summer sun that's been creeping its way through the clouds in Ventnor and have even managed to catch a few rays ourselves. I'm back in the shop today and ready to show you the latest pictures from my workshop- enjoy!

Below you can see an example of a 'silver mock up'. An initial idea I've made up along with another design in silver for my customer to try. I'll eventually make up her prefered ring design in 18ct white gold using precious facet cut stones:

Here is a broken engagement ring given a new lease of life! The customer wanted it to be made in my style whilst keeping aspects of the original design:

This pendant was made for a male hairdresser and is a replica of his own scissors (Oxidised silver):

His 'n' Hers
A lovely couple commissioned these wedding bands, hers- 18ct yellow gold with diamonds set in white gold. His- a hammered 18ct white gold band.

Come and see all my other exciting designs in the Ventnor boutique! 

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