Sunday, 4 March 2012

New home and in the boutique!

Hello lovely (and patient!) Jewellery lovers, 

the boutique has been operating at a more steady pace in the last couple of weeks due to my pregnancy, and now that Rex is here- in order to give him all the love he definitely deserves- we won't be taking any commissions until Spring 2012. 

However, this doesn't, by any means, mean we haven't prepared a melange of entities of the upmost 'gorgeousness' for your necks, hands, wrists and ears; Raff and I have fully stocked the shop with our signature enamels in consuming sea greens, lifting tones of indigo blue and new for the season- shimmering, elegant gold leaf. 

In addition we will be continuing to stock with our bookmarks and some exciting new products that are currently under wraps (behind the frosted glass of the studio door!)

Click here for all the Honeybourne products on offer @ NOTHS.

In the meantime, the Winter period brought with it some wonderful work from clients both, close to home, and further afield. Take a peek!

A lovely guy who lives abroad began a correspondence with me prior to his engagement after seeing the blog. The couple met in Tanzania, and the customer also planned to propose there- after describing his girlfriend to me it became clear he wanted to use Tanzanites to acknowledge their special place. 

 The ring is 18ct yellow gold with three glorious Tanzanites..

...She said yes!

I've been stocking a limited number of bespoke charm bracelet designs in the shop, which led to this commission for a younger customer. The bracelet is for a twelve year old girl whose parents wanted to give her a gift that was cute and wearable yet grown up enough to be treasured and make her feel special. The charms, which include an adorable cat face, will no doubt be added to at a later date!

The next piece was designed and made for an 'Angela' in search of an initial pendant that perhaps didn't make as obvious a statement as some of the typical styles available. The result is this solid, chunky silver neck piece with an organic 'a' form.

In addition, the lady's friend had secretly ordered her a pair of earrings to match her new pendant for a special birthday gift (see below).

This piece is particularly original and was very interesting to design as a variety of different components were to be considered. The third in a series of orders from a father of a lacrosse loving daughter- the brief was to create something featuring a lacrosse stick, that was wearable- but also, to be a beautiful bit of design in its own right (no mean feat!). The final design can be seen below in silver and rainbow moonstone finished with 18ct gold detail. 

Two cufflink orders:
The first brief was extremely fun to work with. The gentleman that ordered them needed a leaving present for a 'snappy, smart dresser, who always wears a good suit' (!)- our kind of man. They were to be presented to him as a leaving gift from the global PR company based in London that he had been working for.

I used chunky, solid silver and overlaid lettering featuring the man's initials 'A.W' set with diamonds at the start and finish of the composition.

The second brief was for a completely different customer but equally as interesting to get my tools into! This set of cufflinks was for an 18th birthday gift to a male musician, the gift bearers asking for something unique. I suggested incorporating a few bars of his favourite piece of music, which I proceeded to hand pierce on to chunky silver. The edging is also finished in silver to give it a feel of a musical score.

I adored working on this commission! A customer brought in this gorgeous hand carved netsuke (see above) to be made into a pendant. The pendant, to be worn lengthways, needed to have an antique feel and maintaining all of it's exquisite detail was of paramount importance. I used solid 9ct gold for the settings and took inspiration for the chain from the carved grasses on the netsuke, using a twisted, candy cane style hanging (see below!).

The end result of some 'recycled' diamonds, from a ring in a rather traditional engagement style. The customer had become tired of the gold piece- the Honeybourne re-model set in silver.

Another brave fiance! Ordering and designing with me over phone and emails using the blog for reference. The final piece was crafted in 9ct white gold with two diamonds and one aquamarine...she said yes, yes, yes!

This picture shows a pendant I made following the visit of a customer to the shop who brought with her her own pearl, bought in 2002. She wanted a bespoke piece crafted around her pearl after her daughter and granddaughter had done the same thing!

A lovely lady brought in her old engagement ring to be re-made, she asked for the left-over gold to be used for detail on the ring. It was set in a natural form, in keeping with my organic style,  using gold beads in the detailing.

And the best bit? We had enough gold to make our lovely lady a matching pair of studs! (see below)

Due to the huge success of our personalised bookmarks on, Raff and I put our thinking caps on to come up with more products that you can add your own special mark to. A possible contender for the range...a stylish solid silver key ring:

This final item was a real challenge but I loved working in my beloved miniature style. The piece is a pair of studs for commission- technically trying, but after securing a beautiful, safe fixing, without losing any detail, the end result was well worth the work! In solid silver with gold and Garnets.

Keep adoring, lusting, yearning and shopping! 


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