Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hot out of the furnace

Just received the first picture of our new enameled sign from the very talented Mr Ced Wells of AJ Wells...... V excited!!

But shedding a tiny tear at the thought of taking our old sign down from the equally talented Miss Tania Dixcey. I'll never forget looking out of our kitchen window to see my gorgeous new sign arriving poking out the back of Tim Boogaloo's convertible Saab, a beautiful yet scary site!. We thank you old sign, you've done us proud..

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Shhhhh.... Have a little peak!

Here's a sneaky preview of some of the new collections we've been working on at the Honeybourne Hub!...

Oxidised silver Hare and Moon pendants


Solid 9ct gold Keys and Arrows   
Keep it between us though!!.
Watch this space for more up-dates for know what!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

September treats and even more diamonds!!

Here are some of our fave commissions we've been busy working on during Autumn.....

Tweet Tweet
These oxidised solid silver cufflinks were made for the manager of Robin Hill! We had permission (of course!) to used the RH logo.

Copy Cat
 It's very rare that I'd take on a 'copy' job but this I couldn't resist!. A customer brought in this plated bangle with cross charm that she dearly loved but the plate was starting to wear off. My version was made from chunky solid silver with a hammered finish.



Up-cycling a go go....

Triple Stacking Band 
This chunky but dated band set with three good sized diamonds but was in need of re-vamping!. I used 9ct white gold for the bands, setting the stones in my signature pods using the 18ct yellow gold from the the original ring. The result...... three modern stacking rings to be worn together or separately. 

Sapphire Pod Pendant

A lovely lady brought in a bunch of old pieces that she wanted made in to a pendant. Here's the result... Solid gold with granulation and Sapphire made entirely from the pieces below.

Statement Engagement Ring

 Five old gold rings with huge stones were given to me to make this engagement ring. The couple, due to be wed at the end of this year, wanted a truly one off piece. I used 9ct yellow gold for the bands and settings, using white gold granulation beads to add contrast to the design. Looking forward to making the wedding bands for the lovely couple any day now

 Eagle Cuffs
These cufflinks were left to a lovely customer and friend of the shop by her grandfather. The brief was very loose, she just wanted to incorporate the eagle in to a neckpiece. I used oxidised silver, with random sized hammered loops that echoed the size of the pearl and giving it a rock and roll edge (she's very rock and roll!). She loved it.

Best Friends
This was a really lovely job to be asked to do. A modern, grown-up version of a 'best friends' pendant for a lady to give her oldest friend on her birthday. She wanted the pieces (one for each of them of course, genius!) to make a heart when joined together but to be beautiful pieces in their own right. I used formed silver with 9ct granulation, setting the ladies birthstones Opal and Aquamarine. Best friends forever.

 That's all for now..... We're super excited and gearing up for our shop re-fit and will be closing 3rd November, re-opening with the new look Honeybourne Jewellery boutique jam packed with new collections on the 10th. See you then X