Monday, 11 March 2013

Magical Folk Secrets.....

Honeybourne Jewellery is TEN years old this spring!! And to celebrate, I've been busy designing and making a collection of ten limited edition charms inspired by all things folk. These are the first glimpses of the secret line up.....

Aubrey's Cottage

 I've accidentally made our dream house! If only I could work out how to make this in grown-up size. Loved making the open windows and fascia boards! Oxidised solid silver made using only wire, sheet and granulation.

Fly agaric Mushroom

Formed solid silver with frond detail. I'm planning on setting some beautiful precious stones in place of the spots to add a little colour and sparkle.

I've already pinched this group purely to road test them of course!

My son Rex inspired me to create a modern interpretation of the Victorian locket. I've always loved the Japanese packaging book; "How to Wrap Five Eggs" in which they detail how the Japanese still use natural materials in their simple yet beautiful design to package objects. 
Stamped on to the outside of the box are Rex's initials and date of birth. The inside 'draw' compartment, is made using a simple 'origami' type construction, which encases a lock of Rex's hair. Both pieces are bound together with fine silver wire, made to look like twine.
Will post as soon as they are available to buy in our boutique...



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