Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Our 'Magical Folk Secrets' blog back in March was a little taster of our idea to celebrate HBJ's ten year anniversary.... Ten limited edition charms of a folk/woodland nature. We were overwhelmed by the response and firstly would like to apologise to our core fans that were chomping at the bit to order one (or all ten in one case!). One customer even said "wow, what a great marketing ploy" when I was being very vague as to the launch date or even what the next batch of designs may be!. I can sincerely promise, no clever ploy, just a record year for bride/groom/bridesmaids/mother of the brides/best man jewellery and gift orders phew!!.

Since we are nearing the end of wedding season, I can finally bring my attention back to the charms and am super excited to launch the latest edition, 'Honeybugs'. These 5 pieces will be available to buy in our shop from the weekend and I'll be taking orders for 5 more 'customer led' pieces. Here they are..

Double Ladybird Strand
Oxidised silver threaded on to cream glass beads.

Peridot Beetle
Silver set with Peridot cabochon stones and 18ct bead, threaded on to handmade silver chain.

Emerald Ladybird
 Oxidised silver set with Emerald facet stones, threaded on to cream glass beads.

Ruby and Garnet Ladybird
Silver set with Ruby and Garnet cabochon stones, threaded on to oxidised silver chain.

Single Ladybird
Oxidised silver threaded on to cream glass beads

Would also like to thank my very beautiful model Georgia Russell and the talented Mr Luke Curtis for taking such lovely photos (what a hard job eh Luke!!)

As usual, if you would like to see me personally to discuss any commission you may have in mind, please call ahead on 01983 854618 to make a (very casual!) appointment.

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