Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rock Stars, Brownies and The Return of Our German Fan!

Old Ring Makeovers!  
I'm choc a block with this kind of commission at the mo, customers are handing over their inherited pieces for me to work my Honeybourne magic! Here are just a few of our faves...

Three Stacking Bands
I loved working on this piece. A customer brought in this random selection of bits and bobs and said "I love your stuff, I trust you to make what you like"! What a compliment to be given free reign. I worked on the idea that although they were to be worn together as a group, each ring should work in it's own right.

 Before the makeover..

Ta dah! The finished piece. Two silver bands using the inherited gold for the pods, settings and granulation. The middle ring uses the original gold wedding band, the diamonds are set in silver, studded with silver granulation .
 Together as stacking bands
The result.......The customer had these delicious chocolate brownies posted to us with a note that read "For Sophie, Thank you for designing the most beautiful ring. It's perfect". Mmmm, I love my job! 

Blossom Pod Ring
I used a customer's old gold (odd earrings, bits and bobs that we all collect at the bottom of our jewellery boxes!), to make the central pods for this Blossom Pod ring.

Engagement Ring
Before the makeover

After!.. Solid 9ct white gold band, the gold from the old ring sets the diamond.

Dad's Bling!
I made this for my Dad's birthday pressi and as a thank you for re-fitting our shop back in Nov!. Solid chunky band set in gold with 7 inherited diamonds. Thanks again Dad!!

 International Relations!
We've had an increasing number of European and worldwide orders through not only Not on The High Street (Cananda and the States to name a few) but also on our own merits. We've recently sent work to Amsterdam, Austria and Sweden. Our self titled "German Fan" contacted us from Germany for more work, having commissioned some pieces a few years back. She saw our Christmas 2012 Blog featuring our bird inspired pieces and ordered her very own. She also ordered one of our keyrings for her partner with the text "Home is where we are", a really lovely quote.

 Wedding Bells
 A lovely couple got married back in June and had a whole range of personalised gifts made for their family and close friends to mark the occasion ..

Bride's gift for the Groom. Guess which team he supports?!
 Best man keyring: Solid silver.
 Solid silver dog tag for the son of the groom
 Arrow and Pieces of Eight for the youngest son of the bride (he had his very own Native Indian theme and a wigwam to play in at the wedding, sooo cute!)
 Eldest son of the bride, torc bangle with his fave song lyrics stamped on the inside
 Bridesmaids Pieces of Eight bangles. I asked the bride to give three words/memories that reminded her of each bridesmaid.

The lucky couple had their favorite band Starsailor play at the wedding and after the spectacular, commissioned a solid silver plectrum to send to front man James Walsh!

Beautiful Bride
Raff and I were lucky enough to see some of our pieces in action at the weekend. Our lovely friend's had their enchanting day at the  East Dene in Bonchurch. The bride looked stunning in one of our classic Blossom Pod neckpieces, with bracelet and studs to match. Congratulations to the gorgeous pair and thanks for an amazing day.

Wedding Band to Echo Engagement Band
A lovely couple bought this diamond and silver engagement ring from us a little while back now and wanted a suitable wedding band.

The pieces mirror each other.

Wedding Anniversary Charm Bangle

One of our classic Honeybourne Jewellery Buttons was commissioned and added to the envelope I made last year. The button represents cotton, the envelope, paper. Looking forward to next years challenge which is represented by leather.......Hmmm?!

Our Old Friend the Lily Pad collection
I was commissioned to make one of these rings for a customer recently and made a few more versions for the shop.

 I Did It!!!!
 I never thought it was possible but I managed to make the 5 limited edition Aubrey's Cottage Charms that I'd promised to our customers (plus one extra for the shop!). No more though, I nearly went kiddy with concentration!.

We've just posted 100 pieces off Edinburgh Dazzle
All the best with the exhibition guys!. Amazing news to hear that they've secured Southbanks OXO Tower for this years London Dazzle, can't wait for that!.

As usual, if you'd like to pop in for a chat about any ideas you're thinking of, please phone ahead to check I'm in the shop.

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