Thursday, 20 February 2014

Trinidad, 'Comfy Cottage' and finally some SHERLOCK NEWS!!!

Traditionally, Jan and Feb are our 'time for reflection' months. Our time to design new collections, time to plan our exhibition and show dates, our time to consider any news, exciting ideas and collaborations etc.... 

Not this year!!

Back in Dec, I was commissioned to make 3 Sherlock Holmes inspired 221B door pendants for Sherlockology (the BBC drama's number one fansite). What I didn't know was that one of them was to be a gift for Sue Vertue, TV producer and wife of none other than Steven Moffat (director of Sherlock and Dr Who). Sue has been spotted wearing our piece in various TV interviews and was seen to be showing it off at the Sherlock after show party!!

Sue and Steven
The original oxidised silver pieces with 9ct gold detail
Sherlockology featured the pendants on their site and then we were hit by a tidal wave of Sherlock fans!!! Their Facebook page had nearly 4,000 likes and 140 shares. Our own humble Facebook book page recieved over 250 new friends (and counting) and a barrage of private messages asking where and when they could get their hands on a pendant!! We can now announce that they're on their way!!

 The new, un-finished, un-oxidsied piece in solid silver ready to be cast

Off to the casters!! 

Not long now we promise!! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news of when they'll be ready to order from We also have more exciting pieces in the pipeline..To be continued...

In other news!!.. 
We were also kept very busy with an unusual amount of really special commissions. Here are a few of my faves..

Trinidad Inspired Brooch
I made a neckpiece for this gentleman's wife back in Sept, which she loved and he wanted a brooch to celebrate a significant birthday along a similar theme. Originally from Trinidad, he wanted the brooch to celebrate the flora and fauna native to the island. I chose the 'Pink Flamingo' flower (central to the piece) and the 'Yellow Eyed Grass', a delicate, meadow like flower. I set vibrant stones of Tourmaline, Ruby, Garnet and Carnelian amongst the silver filigree work, to hint at the tropical pallet. 

Thistle Bangle in oxidised solid silver
This was a lovely piece to work on. A husband commissioned a bangle for his Scottish born wife. We chose the native Thistle to represent her Scots roots. I was given free rein on this piece and it kind of made itself, the flowing lines frame the flowers and leaves.  

'Comfy Cottage'

Friends of Honeybourne Jewellery and possibly my most romantic customers!. These two have ordered many meaningful surprise gifts for each other over the years but this one was really special. The husband wanted a birthday and 25th wedding anniversary gift. When I asked him "what do you think of when you think of.....(wife!)"? he said simply "I just think of home, that's where we're happiest". Wherever we are in the world, we'll say, lets go back to comfy cottage". So we took pictures of their homes, past and present and made them in to this bespoke picture to celebrate 25 years of happiness.

Solid silver, pierced by hand, set into a box frame

 For her birthday, we made a sunflower (her fave flower) in silver with gold petals, with 2 Pieces of Eight with their two daughters names stamped on the front.

More horsehair bracelets!
This has become a little collaboration project between Emily Thearle and I. Emily is a skilled horsewoman and interior designer. Having ordered a similar bracelet for her mother, she saw potential for other horse riders. Emily plaits the hair and hands over to me to hand make the silver clasps. They can also be personalised with the horses names. Please contact Emily if you would like to order one at

Wedding Fever!
2013 was our busiest year for wedding orders. We can design and make to any theme (have a look at past work for inspiration, simply click on 'older posts' right at the bottom of each Blog page). We can make anything from the engagement and wedding bands to page boy and mother of the bride gifts!!  Please phone ahead to book an appointment with me (Sophie!) to talk ideas.

Amy wears silver and enamel 'Blossom Pod' neckpiece, set with a single Garnet to pick up her colour scheme. She wear simple Garnet pod studs to match. Gorgeous!

As usual, our opening times are Mon-Sat 10-5. If you need to speak with me directly, please call ahead to arrange an appointment.

Sophie x