Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mid Summer Night's Dream

Back in my Royal College of Art days, my course professor and esteemed jeweller, David Watkins set his annual project. We were to design and make a piece inspired by Scherzo's Midsummer's Night Dream. A beautifully moving classical piece.

On listening to the piece, I imagined a freeze frame, those milliseconds just after the fairies had raced through the forest leaving only the swaying grasses in their wake.

I made two automated pieces which simulated the gently swaying grasses. Both pieces were constructed from pressed silver forms with delicate silver and 18ct grasses attached to a cam lever inside which turned them. The piece on the right has photo etched words taken from the Mid Summer's, oxidised and rubbed back.

New Collection
My new collection re visits this 'moment in time' or 'slice' idea. These pieces represent a tiny fragment or moment within a forest. The slices capture the flora, fauna and cell structures and freeze them within a frame.

 Silver with minute granulation beads.
Oxidised silver reed forms with silver and 18ct granulation. On gold Barleycorn chain.
Cell structures and corn like forms

 Open Books..
Whilst on the subject of the 'Classics', we had a really strange coincidence. Our lovely self titled 'German Fan' (now based in China) got back in touch with us about making her wedding jewellery, wedding bands, jewellery, wedding gifts etc. She asked us to design and make two 'open book' pendants, one for herself and one for her mother. She wanted two different quotes, a Jane Austin and a German one. Within 2 weeks of this request, another of our customers (this time from Austria) asked also for an open book pendant with a quote.....!!  How strange..

Oxidised solid silver (each tiny page is handmade and layered on top of the next) with gold lettering... Hand engraved by the marvelously talented Peter Harris. I also made a couple for the shop with my own fave quotes from Alice in Wonderland and Midsummer's..

As usual, if you would like to come and see me to have your own piece made, please call ahead..

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