Friday, 12 September 2014

Humble Apologies but a whole lot of rings!

Without sounding like a confession, we at Honeybourne Jewellery have had our busiest year to date so huge apologies for the very late Blog post...

At the beginning of the year, we were hit by a Sherlockology jewellery tidal wave and were sending out hundreds of parcels worldwide. We also made a Sherlock inspired collection for our first ever overseas suppliers, Japanese on-line fashion magazine InRock.

We were also very proud to be asked to make two very special silver bookmarks for Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker, founders of on-line giants 'Not on The High Street' to celebrate the launch of their second book 'Shape Up Your Business'.

Then the exciting Kate Moss piece propelled us further.. Kate has been seen still wearing the piece, apparently hasn't taken it off.. 'The Eye' has been featured in Look, Grazia and OK to name but a few magazines..

All of this (very welcome!) attention has meant that our order box has been more jam packed than ever before, resulting in no time to share our gorgeous creations designed and handmade for our customer's... To make life a little easier, I'm going to write a series of micro blogs in easy to digest chunks over the next couple of weeks...

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Engagement Rings

Oxidised silver Strand ring with half carat diamond. 

 Solid 18ct yellow gold chunky hammered band with half carat diamond.
Chunky silver band with 9ct yellow gold bezel setting a beautiful Sapphire with 9ct granulation beads.

 I made the above three silver options for a gentleman to propose with (not all at once obviously!). She said yes.....! They then had the piece below made as her real maccoy.
Solid 9ct white gold with half carat diamond and 9ct yellow granulation beads

 A dainty silver hammered band with 18ct yellow gold pod, setting a Ruby facet.

My classic Stacking Bands. Solid 9ct white gold bands with 18ct yellow gold bezel setting the diamonds to be worn as a stack but work beautifully in their own right.

Indulgent Treat Rings (and why not!)

 A collection of rings made for a customer who didn't have an exact idea in mind other than she wanted 'chunky with 2 or 3 different colours'. I got a little carried away! Silver, 9ct, 18ct and Ruby.

 Chunky silver hammered bands with 9ct gold hearts, set with diamonds.

Anniversary Rings 
 Ruby wedding (two options for the customer to choose from). Set in deep silver pods.
 Anniversary gift, bezel set with the children's Ruby birthstone.

 Golden wedding anniversary.
Solid 9ct yellow bands (not stacking this time), 9ct white gold set the beautiful golden coloured Citrine facets.

Wedding Bands

 His and His... Oxidised silver with solid 9ct yellow overlay ring with carving.

 His and Hers.. Left, solid 9ct white gold shaped to fit around the ladies engagement ring. Right, solid 9ct yellow with high shine finish.

His & Hers.. Left, silver set with the couple's birthstones. They also have 4 silver beads which represents how long the couple have been together. Right, solid 9ct white gold with dot hammer texture.

A few examples made up for the shop, currently gracing our cabinets. All solid silver but can be made in 9 or 18ct, yellow or white gold.

I made 3 ivy inspired rings in silver, one set with a Diamond, for the customer to choose from. As she was torn between 2, I mixed the 2 designs and made in 9ct white and Diamond.

A makeover wedding set for a lovely couple new to us..
After... I used the original diamonds and 18ct yellow gold for the pods. The bands made from mu own 9ct white.

For a guy that "won't wear rings".. Was to be inspired by nuts, bolts and grrrr. I've just been told that we've converted him, he's going to wear it yay!!. Solid oxidised silver.


Some before and after shots..

After.. Solid 9ct yellow with granulation beads.

After.. Solid 18ct yellow.

After.. Solid 18ct yellow gold.


After.. For a mother and daughter. Two Stacking band sets and a Pod ring.

After.. Solid silver with fine silver setting.

Well folks, that's all of the rings for now..  I still have a tonne of work to Blog, from classic neckpieces, bangles and pendants to some weird and wonderful creations.. So watch this space for the next micro chunk!

As usual, if you would like to commission a special piece, then please phone ahead to make an appointment. I'm working away from the shop in my new workshop at the mo to enable me to keep up with such high demand. But as per, our fully stocked boutique is bursting with news pieces and off the peg collections and is open 6 days a week..

Shop opening times are..

Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm
01983 854618

Ta ra!


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